The Religious Dimension

Our mission statement

To present teaching materials in religious education at K S3-4 that without being prescriptive, can support and facilitate professionalism and enhance pupil experiences and perceptions of religion. It is designed to support religious education teachers in both the development and teaching of the subject in secondary schools whether they be any form of state schools or independent schools.

This is a series of detailed classroom projects that can be used independently or in conjunction with existing materials. Teachers may find that the extensive range of pupil work materials is particularly valuable. Also, some of the topics chosen are either unpublished (e.g. Jesus/Joshua goes to Birmingham) or only scantily so (e.g. Cicely Saunders – the founder of the hospice movement, or what I regard as spiritual entrepreneurship, a case study of the Missionary Aviation Fellowship). Where there is a direct case study any income will go to the organisation concerned.(e.g. Christian Aid) where there is no specific organisation the normal not- for- profit system will be applied (ie. essential costs will be met and any profits will go to orphans and destitute street children in Lukaya, Uganda.

The Why and When all of the Religious Dimension projects

Why bother to take this initiative? Because it will contribute towards:

  • personal and school professional development.
    the ongoing development of current courses.
  • fostering group and individual learning.
  • meeting a wide range of pupil needs/ aspirations.
But why use a website? This modern technology contains four major features.

  • The production and purchase costs are low.
  • The potential for flexible responses are high.
  • There is scope for interaction and personal initiatives.
  • The materials can be used selectively and readily modified with ease to meet individual requirements
What extra might this website help to achieve? It is expected that this format will foster normal product goals but also develop a wide range of process goals.
When will the material the available? Every school and interested person can take a sample project for analysis and review and then choose whether to register for further copies. 12 projects will be available and advertised on this website by August 2014. Further projects will be available every half term. There is no compunction to accept every project and previous products can be downloaded when required

Fitness for Purpose

The projects are fit for purpose because They both support and enhance standard content and further develop the through fresh case studies etc that promote reflection and understanding.
They are able To be applied to both discreet religious education and also to forms of integrated humanities courses, in which the conceptual and skills base work is particularly appropriate.
The projects support Both process and product goals for class, group and individual learning by drawing upon a wide range of methods and assessments.
The projects are Sufficiently extensive and flexible to enable teachers to use part or all of them.
The projects should Promote and actively contribute to curriculum developments within its in-house initiatives.
The projects are developed through Teaching strategies and methods that are clearly defined. Now, please consider in the light of the sample project if these claims are both justifiable and worthwhile.
Now, what might happen next? Moving ahead?
We do not expect each project to slot neatly into every programme but they will be appropriate to many, and the built-in flexibility makes them eminently capable of modification. If this initiative might be of value to you, we would ask you to complete the following registration form and send it to either the web address or the postal address. This will enable us to make notify you when each project is published on the web (i.e. Six times per year). You can then choose whether that particular topic fits into your scheme and indicate whether you want it made available
You spoke of interaction – what do you mean? We are always interested to receive feedback regarding our work, but we have not yet identified away in which we can respond rapidly and personally, but we will do our best as we move on from these initial stages.

If you have any pieces of work or strategies that have been particularly successful and that you would like to be seen by your professional colleagues, we will do everything we can to insert it with one of our projects. Further, if you have a fully developed project which you would like published, please let me know


To summarise, the key benefits it is hoped to achieve are:

  • Multiple methods
  • Built-in concept attainment
  • Varied opportunities
  • Provide an ideal training tool. To be compatible with and contribute to establish courses
  • To contribute to courses for Hots and Lots!
  • Suitable for mixed abilities
  • For use with classes/groups/and individuals
  • To provide scope for both team and individual teaching
  • To provide essential knowledge and skills
  • To develop reflection etc to promote spirituality