Co-operative project design and development

Teachers can be frustrated because publications are normally limited by the publishers assessment as to how many can be sold. Therefore, minority interests and ideas are not adequately catered for.

Also, teachers are put under pressure and so often cannot produce new materials because it involves sourcing, design and writing time.

As a retired teacher and educationalist, I am exploring the possibility of working cooperatively with the teachers who request such materials. The goal is to produce one such topic per term with the maximum degree of interaction in which the innovating teacher is the evaluator. This utilises my skills and experiences as a curriculum designer and developer.

Obviously there will be some agreed charge to cover costs but this may be recovered if other schools want to use the project.

The most successful projects will be offered to an educational publisher.

This will be done over a period of 12 terms to assess its viability and by which time another teacher may wish to take over this experiment in curriculum creativity.