About Taught RE

At this stage the initiative is being conducted by myself, Roy Pitcher, but any experienced and proven RE teachers are welcome to approach me to become involved in any particular aspect on an experimental and experiential basis. Feel free to contact Roy Pitcher at any time.

Email: royol@talktalk.net

Please highlight those particular skills, experiences and interests (plus essential IT skills) that would be likely to be of significant value to teachers. It would be helpful if any such people had good contact with schools and of course TIME.

I hope that my truncated CV on the homepage provide some indication of the character of my work. At present it is not envisaged that the planned provisions will exceed those outlined on this website during the first two years (to 2016), after which I will gradually withdraw and pass it on to an interested colleague.

Roy Pitcher has been a schoolteacher, educator and trainer of teachers, author, consultant, inspector of schools and educational video producer over two generations at virtually all levels in the U.K. As a Christian teacher of religious education and pupils with special needs, he was concerned to find a basis for enhancing pupil attainment through multi-method approaches. When he became a teacher trainer etc he developed the concepts and practices described here more widely across the curriculum and wrote and edited text books for schools. His qualifications were awarded by the universities of Manchester, Chester, Nottingham and the Open University. He is now actively retired and lives in Cheshire UK. He can be contacted on e.mail royol@talktalk.net. He is currently producing multi-method religious education teaching materials.