Jesus – a Master Teacher

Welcome to Taught RE …

… a not-for-profit initiative, born and rooted in the classroom and designed to support teachers of religious education in five distinct ways.

  • Introducing the book “Jesus – a Master Teacher” in which Jesus’ teaching strategies and methods are translated into 21st century teaching both in religious education and across the wider curriculum.
  • Providing an extensive range of RE projects for KS3 – the “Religious Dimension”.
  • Operating a co-operative project development system for individual teachers seeking to develop materials that are either unpublished or only partly published.
  • Hosting one-day courses that consider significant contemporary issues in RE and the humanities.
  • Providing a range of films of lessons that illustrate classroom practice.

Taught RE is strictly a not-for-profit venture seeking only to meet its costs. Any profits will go to Hope Uganda, supporting a home and school for orphans and destitute street children in Lukaya, Uganda. Over the last 12 years, this self-help initiative has been remarkably successful in taking four-year-old children off the street and nurturing them. During this time a small group in South Cheshire has raised over £100,000 to support the work. Please take a look at the films about the work in Uganda on You Tube.

A major function of this website is to foster co-operative developments and produce materials that might initially be idiosyncratic but which can be used and perhaps further developed by other teachers.

To get a good overview of the breadth of Taught RE’s work, you may wish to visit the following website pages in sequence.